Two-week training course on radiation-induced effects with particular emphasis on genetics, development, teratology, cognition as well as space-related health issues


From March 12 to 23, will take place at SCK-CEN, a 2 week course in radiobiology with particular emphasis on genetics, development, cognition as well as space-related health issues at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, SCK•CEN in Mol, Belgium. 

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The course provides a comprehensive summary of the biological effects of radiation following medical (diagnostics and therapy), accidental, environmental and space exposures and is suited for MSc and PhD students as well as researchers and professionals interested in this field of radiation research.

The course is financially supported by the EU H2020 CONCERT contract and recognised as a course of public utility for European citizens. Therefore, accommodation, lunches and registrations are covered by the Commission. 

Deadline for application is March 6.

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