Lancement de l’appel à projets de la Fondation Fournier Majoie

Fournier MajoieJeudi, 8 Février 2018

Lancement de l’appel à projets de la Fondation Fournier Majoie.

Date limite d’introduction des demandes : 15 avril 2018 

If you are working in the Oncology field; 
If you are a Researcher-Discoverer-Entrepreneur, willing to move forward your discovery into the ultimate steps, including the creation of a start-up… 
This call for project is for you! 


For most cancers, 5 and even 10 years survival often approaches 90% for cancers detected at an early stage, while it may drop to <10% for cancers detected at a later stage.  

As such, screening tools and early diagnostics are at the core of our activities. In addition, we aim at the development and improvement of personalized cancer medicine (‘the right treatment, for the right person, at the right time, with the right dose’). 

The Fournier-Majoie Foundation’s mission is to recognize and support those Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Researchers/Inventors, who are willing to develop their above-mentioned solutions which will significantly benefit cancer patients and the medical community. 

Subject of the call: 

This call is open to Academic or Non-academic Entrepreneurs, Start-up companies looking for Pre-seed, Seed financing, to accelerate their development oncology projects such as: 

  • Novel assay / platform projects
  • In Vitro Diagnostics development, especially biomarker-based tests for prognostic, diagnostic, prediction, or monitoring purpose
  • Medical imaging (e.g. markers, tools, patentable software, …)
  • Health IT applications (e.g. data integration tools, diagnostic applications ...)
  • Medical devices (targeted delivery devices, cell capturing devices ...), or Medtech
  • New surgical and radiotherapy tool

This call does not cover: 

  • Pure discovery projects
  • Early research programs with no in vitro or vivo proof of concept

Eligibility criteria:

 Special attention will be given for the allocation of financial and management supports to the projects that will show:   

  • A major scientific innovation
  • A charismatic and valuable project leader and team
  • A development plan/business model that combines a sound validation strategy with a credible valorisation plan
  • A secured or close to be filed defendable intellectual property
  • A validated preclinical proof of concept, or validated technology

The value added of the Foundation is to be a real partner to the project leader by providing advices and opening our networks. This is why we will favour project with core team located in a 2 hour range from Brussels.

Types of funding: 

Depending on the project and the applicant, we are considering different types of funding:   


  • The Fondation Fournier-Majoie never ensures the full budget, other knowledgeable financial sources must co-finance the project via matching funding.
  • Project funding will not exceed € 500.000 (first grant agreement) and will be paid in several instalments, based on contractually agreed upon milestones.
  • Subsequent grants allocated to successful applicant(s) will not exceed €1,000,000.
  • Our grants include a revenue sharing principle.
  • According to our experience, a typical development project takes 5 years.
  • VAT and overheads are excluded from the Foundation’s financial support.

Equity (direct equity, convertible loans, …)

An equity investment by the Foundation will result in a minority stake. 
An investment is typically € 0.2 - 1 million, depending on the type and stage of the business and will allow for a clear exit strategy. 
It is not the practice of the Foundation to be a lead investor. 

Follow-up of selected projects: 

Our support will be subject to the participation of a Foundation’s representative sitting on project management steering committees (project funding) or at the company’s Board of Directors (equity investment). In those occasions and more when needed, the Foundation representative(s) will bring their “in kind” support. 

A maximum of 3 investments/grants will be awarded per year. 
All the elements that needs to be part of the application can be found by downloading the application form from our web site: 
Please send your application form to this email address: 


Fondation Fournier-Majoie 
Avenue De Fré, 269/44 
B - 1180 Brussels, Belgium 
Tel : +32 2 370 47 25 

Application form